Servicios de farmacología

We offer comprehensive pharmacological service in the field of pharmacology, biochemistry and analytical chemistry.

    Our Competitive Advantages

  • Long-term experience in the field of veterinary pharmacology
  • Highly qualified and regularly trained staff
  • Flexibility
  • Sponsor orientation
  • Balanced proportion between service and fee (service : price)

The GLP system was implemented in 1993 according to national guidelines and in 1998 as per the OECD guidelines.
In 2004 the Pharmacological Service Section acting in GLP, GCP and GMP systems was founded.

Since 1998 until 2014 about 400studies were conducted under GLP regulations and 11 studies were performed in compliance with GCP regulations. Our customers have included pharmaceutical companies from the EU, Croatia, Switzerland, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Pharmacological services are performed according to current EMEA, VICH and OECD GLP and/or GMP guidelines.


All staff members are highly qualified and regularly trained in relevant SOPs, European guidelines and regulations (EMEA, VICH, OECD) and the local legislation.

QA System

All processes are under strict QA supervision.
The QA unit inspects all points of our work starting from business negotiations to the final product

    QA monitoring includes:

  • staff member training
  • material inspection
  • periodic calibration and validation of equipment
  • contracts
  • data management and reporting
  • updating and checking of SOPs
  • documentation management
  • strict control of all critical points of studies

In all activities outlined above, our company intends to continue with development so as to provide all its customers with traditional security of complex and highly professional services.